Friday, January 25, 2013

Baby..when will you come on out. I want to hold you and kiss your sweet toes...

I was just looking back at old pictures. So fun to do. I thought I would post a few pictures of Kade as a baby and me pregnant at that time....So maybe the next post will be her and we can do some comparing.
I am excited to meet this little girl. Anxious too. Taking care of two kids seems like it will be a challenge. But I am least I think I am.
I am 38 weeks and not too much is happening. A few contractions here and there. Apparently I am almost 4 cm dialated...but nothing is happening. It could be a few days...kinda wondering what my body will decide to do here....hmmmm..Only time will tell.
Oh tired were we. Bringing Kade home... Such a sweet moment. Looking forward to doing it again with this little baby girl.

I think I was a solid 40 weeks pregnant here with Kade. 

First time getting to hold Kade. Love at first sight.

Master Bathroom

We have been slowly picking away at our very small master bathroom. And I am excited to say that we are getting closer to having it finished. Will it be finished before this baby arrives.....I am not to sure. Still left to do is the shower. Which we have to order the glass and have it installed...thats 2 weeks away...hmmm...I think everything else will be finished...At least the toilet is now inside where it belongs. For so long it was in our backyard. Ugh. So glad it is not there anymore! I am looking forward to having the bathroom finished and being able to use it. I am really happy with how it is turning out. But I have to say, its not making me excited to do our other bathroom anytime soon. That ones gonna have to wait.
The only before picture I could find of this glorious bathroom....And yes it did have carpet in it. Ugh.

Master Bedroom...don't hardly looks like this. We have a monkey that jumps on the bed. all. the.time. Can't blame him. But it is nice to know that on some rare occasions my bed making skills can be documented.

Not the best picture...but the toilet is in its spot. And that makes me happy. We tiled the floor and also the walls. I really shouldn't say "we". Our friend Scott is doing the work. But we did pick out the tile:)

Shower works, but still we are waiting for the glass. We are doing free-standing glass. I am excited to see how it turns out.

And the vanity. Our friend Avery made this sweet little cabinet. I am loving it and can't wait to get the sink and faucet  in. And the mirror. Which we are still waiting for. Who knew that this whole bathroom remodel could take so long.

The walls got a little paint today...

And a new whole in the wall for the mirror. We had to move it all over towards the right. This way it won't be cramped in the corner anymore! Getting closer to being done! Yippee Skippee!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Kids Room

Given I am 8 months pregnant, nesting is definitely happening. I seem to be coming up with all sorts of projects. My latest project was to re-organize the kids room to get ready for this little baby girl. We are going to try and have them share a room-so I wanted to make sure I could fit all that I needed in there when the time comes to have them both sleeping together. I am still trying to work on the gallery wall...which seems to be driving me nuts...oh well. Bigger fish to fry.
Kade's big boy bed. He has been sleeping in it really well. This bed is actually part of  bunk beds, but we will set up the top portion later when the crib is gone and Kade can sleep on the top bunk. 

I had to do something with pink. I am kind of a fan of ruffles she will have. And pink ruffles. I made the bed skirt while Paul was away for 4 days snowboarding his dear butt off. I had to have a project to do at night. Anyhow, holy moly...I don't want to make ruffles for a really long time! But I do like the end product. It makes me feel good that she gets a tiny bit of girly-ness in the room.

Oh the wall....Some frames have pictures, others don't...and what to do with my red board and the hole below it. It may or may not get done before she comes. But I think it is coming together slowly.
So my dear sweet kids, I hope you both sleep well in this room and dream peacefully. ( Kade I know all you want to dream about is fire trucks, baseball and bikes. So dream on my sweet boy. I hope you teach your sister all your night sleeping habits that you have now.)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Baby Belly

I have been so lacking with blogging photos...of all events. But here is the latest belly bump collage. Two clothes are getting a bit snug....and not even covering the belly(that is why the new pictures are not with the old gray shirt) And Kade is not too cooperative with the photos shoots I have in mind. But here we are at 35 weeks.....