Monday, February 20, 2012

making progress

We are making progress on our house. I wish I had pictures, but I just am not that organized right now. We have two homes right now and both are so unorganized...oh well.
We are working on the flooring. Carpet is picked out and laminate too. That feels good. Wall paper is off-still have to take off the glue. Grrr. Fire place is looking better. Wood paneling is gone! Fence is up for Odus and Kade in the backyard. We were hoping to get all the painting done before the flooring is in, but it looks like that is not going to happen. But things are getting done and that makes us feel good.
But oh, my..trying to take care of Kade, who has a cold, keep this house sorta organized and then work on the other house is kind of a challenge. I am looking forward to being in one place. So for now, for one more week we will go crazy trying to do it all. And know that it will all be worth it in the end. I will get some pictures up soon!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Our House...

All my free time is spent dreaming, packing boxes, painting, dreaming, painting...The dreaming is happening more and more, because this dear house needs just a few updates and changes. And my brain has been working hard to try and figure out how to make those changes on just a small budget.
Here are some pictures of the house. I am almost done painting Kades room a nice warm tan color. And looking forward to getting him first settled in that room. I have taken down all the very lovely OLD window treatments. And have picked out all the paint colors for each room...minus the bathrooms. Still working on what the heck I am going to do with that. While doing all this I run after Kade, or Paul does. While Paul is trying to build a fence in the backyard to keep our wild animals in;) Oh, and yes the flooring. I am hoping we will have that decided by the middle of the week and work on getting that installed by the professionals. will be nice to be there, settled and be able to work on a few things while Kade naps away.
Some how I managed to send a few family members a Valentine. I thought they turned out pretty cute.

The living room that opens into like a den area. And oh, yes. That wood paneling is going to be gone and in the future we will spruce up that fire place. And that dear light fixture will have to find a new home. It will be gone!

Oh..what can I say about that flooring...I hope we can change that soon. This is our  mini dining room. That so nicely opens up to our rather, mustard kitchen. Which we will have to live with for a bit til we can slowly pick away at it. And some day take the whole thing out and remodel it!

That light fixture..and the other ones in this house. hmmm..thinking sixties?  Don't you love the wood paneling?

It gets better. Bamboo wall paper in our room. I am so glad we will get to change this. I am looking forward to all our projects. And making this new house our little house.

Bathroom. It will look different some day:)

This is Kades room. This is a bad picture. This is the only room we have painted.  Every wall in the house is white. white. Wonder how many cans of paint we will need??!!

Oh, it gets better. This wall paper is vintage people. Its staying put. Not must go..changes to be made here too.

Office room
That is all. Slowly but surely we will make this our house.  Looking forward to all the adventures that this house will bring!  Oh right, I forgot a picture of the outside. Next time. I have to try and keep my camera handy!