Sunday, August 29, 2010

What else is going on..pretty much its about the baby

I never really take the time to actually write in our blog these days. It seems when I actually get a chance to do things, I am running around trying to do 25 things and then blogging is really the last thing I do before the little man starts to stir and I have to take care of him. But today, I think I will get to the chance to write a bit more. But what to write, I am not sure. The little man is 6 weeks old today, I truly can not believe that. Time really goes by so darn fast. It seems I can't even remember being pregnant..I still have not forgotten labor..think that may take a while to leave the brain. Given it was so long and hard for us, it will probably be remembered for a while. So I am starting to get into a pattern and learn more about Kade. Each day is different and I learn something new each day. But the little man loves anything that moves. Car, bob stroller, being held while one walks..and the bumpier the ride, the better. He is the most quiet in those occasions.
Here are some recent pictures. Paul and I have been walking with him everyday. And as I heal and feel stronger, we have been able to get out more. I sure miss hiking, and look forward to doing more once I pass the final exam, so to speak, with the midwife tomorrow. Oh yes, and might I add here about Odus. He is in love with Kade..wants to lick him all the time. Is curious when he cries and when he screams, Odus does often leave the house or room..But he is loving it, and doing well. I keep telling him that I love him just the same. Yup, I am that kinda dog owner where I want him to know he is just as important and not to be left out. But some days he is..not on purpose, but it happens. Oh and..I am a total sucker for sleeping baby pictures. I truly can't get enough.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Its all about Kade

Here are some random pictures of us. Paul decided to sport a mohawk for a few days...nice. We thought about dying it red or something, but I think it will come off soon..who knows. He's really changing up the hair these days. As for Kade, he is growing and growing. I really can't believe how much he has grown over the last month!! And what?? He is a month old?? How did that happen? Time went by so fast!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So much time blog!!

My dear family has been here for quite a while. My Mom was here for a month, and shortly after my Dad and sister Anna arrived. They kept us all busy and were such a great help. So many home cooked meals and adventures we had. I captured a few pictures, but my mom took most and I need to gather them from her. I will try and put some pictures in order.
I had the pleasure of being in my friend Rose's wedding two weeks after Kade was born. I was glad he arrived on time and I was able to be up and about to join the fun. Grandma and Anna baby sat, while Paul and I had an evening to ourselves..It felt pretty strange. The rest of the pictures are of Kade and family. Enjoy.