Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pink and Pregnant

I have had a few request for some new belly shots..so here ya go!! I am about 32 weeks and 4 days..just shy of week 33..and growing:) Oh and here is the nursery..still have a few things to add..but it getting there. Thank you to everyone for your contributions!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Santa Margarita Lake

Paul and I went to Santa Margarita lake for a little hike..little it was, but being prego and all..it felt a little bit longer than I thought. We made it to a nice bench and sat there for a while and took in the beautiful view. While sitting we wondered if our child could hear the sounds of nature and the love that we both have for such beauty and solitude. We certainly feel happy to know that in some aspects he got enjoyment out of the hike....

...Odus looking..well....a bit stoned or something for all the fresh air..not sure how to explain this look:) He is happy! This is a day after his birthday! He is the big 3 these days..but still has some mannerisms like a 8 month old puppy. He has a young heart..I will go with that! Love him like crazy!! Days like these make me happy too..for me I love being out in the open air with nature and beauty, hanging out with Odus and my dear love Paul..and carrying our special little guy in my belly. I feel quite lucky these days:)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Exploring and a Garden

I am always up for a bit of exploring..and so Paul and I decided to check out a hidden trail close to our house..probably not too hidden to those that live in Los Osos..but it seemed kinda spooky and the trail was a bit overgrown. Being prego made it a bit hard to duck under branches and things..for some reason I had forgotten my belly might get in the way.
Pauls big project over the last weekend was to start our tomato garden. Last year we were able to do more veggies, but this year we stuck to herbs and tomatos. Looks like tomato sauce might be on the agenda in a few months!Breastfeeding and making tomoto sauce in July..ummm..does that mix? Gonna have to! We have some serious tomatos coming our way.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Julies Baby Shower

Oh my, oh my..this year is my first year to have hit up so many baby showers! And it is pretty darn fun..who doesn't like to celebrate a friend having a baby..and all the adorable things that go along with it? I know for me it has been special to celebrate with each of my friends. And yesterday I got to celebrate with Julie and her family. She is just a week behind me...wonder if we might be in the hospital at the same time?? We shall find out in July!

Julie in her new Glider Chair. Oh goodness, it looks comfortable!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another visit to see Corbin

Last night I was so lucky to get to visit baby Corbin yet again! Oh, he is just one cute little guy. I spent the evening with the Gary's-made them dinner and pretty much oohhed and awwwed over the little guy. He was busy the whole time I was there with feedings, diaper changes, sleeping and taking it all it. Just can't get enough!

Mothers Day

It is a funny thing when one is pregnant during Mothers day. Because it feels wonderful to know that I will soon become a mom, but really the question was for me was, is it truly my first mothers day or just kinda? But in truth to me... I am already a mom. I am taking care of my baby inside of me and according to Paul too, I am a mother and to celebrate that. So although we have no baby outside to see yet...as our little guy grows in my belly, we celebrated the fact that I am truly a mother. So we did a little hike and Paul made a wonderful Filet Mignon for dinner. It was a fabulous day! And on Mothers day I was dearly thankful for my mother, Pauls mother and our grandmothers(who brought us our parents/moms). So mom if you read this I love you and thank you for giving me the gift of life. And  I look forward to sharing my adventures of being a mom with you. So with all those thoughts, here are a few pictures.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Welcome to the world!

My dear friend Stefany had her beautiful baby boy on Sunday. So heres to welcoming another wonderful baby into this world! Let me tell you folks, in my circle of friends and beyond, there are some babies being born! And oh, so fun to get to meet them and see my friends become moms and take in this amazing journey as becoming parents. I think for a bit, it will mellow out and then come July..we will get to meet our little squirt! And then Julie will have her beautiful baby..and then....
But today was all about meeting Corbin Elias Gary. One cute little guy, who loves to sleep and make adorable little faces and stick out his tongue! He was too funny with all his expressions! I couldn't get enough. And Mom and Dad(Stefany and Miles) are doing so wonderful and just taking it all in.
Here are a few pictures of the precious little guy.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

More visits to Colson

I took up little trip up to see Colson the other day. My goodness, he is cute. So tiny are those newborns. And so surreal to see him out of the tummy of Nicole. It really trips me out to see him. He is beautiful and seems to be taking in all in. And Nicole is just a natural beautiful mom. Stefany was there too..and we are awaiting the arrival of her bundle of joy. Here are a few pixs. Oh yes, I am 29 weeks here and Stefany is 40 weeks!