Friday, January 25, 2013

Baby..when will you come on out. I want to hold you and kiss your sweet toes...

I was just looking back at old pictures. So fun to do. I thought I would post a few pictures of Kade as a baby and me pregnant at that time....So maybe the next post will be her and we can do some comparing.
I am excited to meet this little girl. Anxious too. Taking care of two kids seems like it will be a challenge. But I am least I think I am.
I am 38 weeks and not too much is happening. A few contractions here and there. Apparently I am almost 4 cm dialated...but nothing is happening. It could be a few days...kinda wondering what my body will decide to do here....hmmmm..Only time will tell.
Oh tired were we. Bringing Kade home... Such a sweet moment. Looking forward to doing it again with this little baby girl.

I think I was a solid 40 weeks pregnant here with Kade. 

First time getting to hold Kade. Love at first sight.

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