Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No Day But Today

Life seems busy these days.
Many milestones are being crossed off the list.
Kinsley's first foods, Kade's first scooter rides, Kinsley's first time to Big Sur, Kinsley sitting up on her own, Kade starting Preschool....The list seems to go on with so many joys and memories being made. And I feel blessed to watch these babies grow and learn.

But life often brings things that are not what we hoped for, things that are just down right emotionally hard. And so it has taken me a while to muster up energy to write...

My sweet Dad. 6 years ago he was diagnosed with Parkinsons'. I have watched him over the years work hard, so hard to keep his health at tip top shape. My Dad is just amazing. I really was given the most amazing Dad, hands down. We thought this was his battle to fight. And yet it still is, but he was given a recent diagnosis that we never thought to see coming. Cancer.

He had a surgery already to try and remove the tumor, but given its size and placement in the stomach, intestines and pancreas, it will remain there. They were however able to bypass it and put in a tube that allows him to eat real food, which we are very happy about. Blessed that we can cook and feed him well-and my Dad so happy to eat again.

I feel blessed to have him home. Just down the street. Getting to spend many meals together. Time with Kade and Kinsley. Time just to be Grandpa and Dad. For that I am blessed. We have been given the gift of time. Of how much, we do not know. But does anyone really know? And so I live each day, and say there is no day but today. I soak up all I can. Thankful for my beautiful family. I am blessed. And so thankful I have my Dad. I love you Dad so very much. I would never be the daughter, wife and sister I am today with out you. xoxoxo

And so to all of you who read this. If you could do anything for my family-Pray. Please pray that my Dad live to the fullest. May he be comfortable and have an ease of pain. May he have time to just enjoy his family and friends. ~ And for that I would be so thankful to all of you for your prayers for my Dad.

Just a few days post surgery. Getting to hold his baby girl.

Watching a show with Papa.