Saturday, February 9, 2013

Baby Girl

Little Miss Kinsley Lynn Lavelle arrived on January 31st. She weighed 9lbs 4 oz. Apparently we make big babies. But she was way easier to birth than Kade....thank you Kade for paving the way for her:) She was born at 1:50 in the morning....a little later in the day than we hoped..or I should say too early in the morning. She is sweet and wonderful and everything I imagined. She is our baby girl and that makes us happy parents. Kade is warming up to her...he has some really sweet moments with her...and then some not so sweet ones. I am sure it will take some adjusting for him. Over all we are doing well and feeling blessed to have welcomed another little one into our family.

Fresh out of the oven...getting ready for a bath.

Relaxing after a bath.

Being held by Nana for the first time.

Rose and Miss Kinsley

Kade a bit unsure about this new baby business.

Sun tanning with Daddy...small case of jaundice.

Going home...look at that face....she got my furrowed brow...poor thing:)

Holding baby ister...Kade calls her baby Izzy or Ister.

Loving his new big brother toy...3-D glasses and lights. Thanks Aunt Jackie

Bring on the bows....such fun to dress little sweet girls.

Oh sweet girl. How lucky we are. Our family feels so much more special with you in it.