Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Life lately seems a bit crazy...good crazy...We have yet to make it to the pumpkin patch as a whole family, and it is already almost Wednesday. But we did make it there once with Nana, so we are doing good.

His most favorite Nana in the whole world.

Little Miss pumpkin hair herself...

Searching for the best pumpkin.

Feeding his favorite goats.

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And he found the perfect pumpkin...so green and so funny looking, but it was his favorite one of all.

Nana and her baby.

Come on...say CHEEESE!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

MIss Kinsley

Oh how I love girly pink things...especially this little baby girl all dressed up. She is wearing her Grandma Debbie's dress.  I couldn't get enough of her in this dress. So special that she gets to wear it.  My heart does wish that her Grandma could see her, all dressed up.  I know that she would be in love with this little girl just as much as I am.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Big Basin Camping

We headed to Big Basin campground, just outside of Santa Cruz last weekend.. Had a great time. And thankful we rented a tent cabin. It was cold at night, and was nice to have a place to put the kids.

Thankful I remembered the jumper and that there was a place to put it. Kinsley was happy too.

Stella and Kade looking for sticks so they could roast marshmellows.

Silly kids hiding in the bushes with their chairs.

Happy kid. Roasting some hot dogs.

Hot Chocolate.

Stella devoured hers, while Kade saved his.

Sweet little camper.

My husband and pictures....

Pretty much my favorite picture right now.


 Collecting something good.

A little map reading..

Still got his morning show..

Capitola Beach on the way home...

Until next time....

Conversations with Kade

One thing I am loving about Kade being three is his ability to converse...well sort of.
I have been wanting to write down a few things that he says, that I just love, and don't want to forget.
His sweet words, his way of mixing up words, his way of understanding things these days,
is just to fun.

Me- "Kade, I think you have a cold."

Kade- "No mom, I have a hot."

Every. Single. Morning for the past year, he comes in our room and says, "Mom, I want some breast-fist." It makes me laugh every morning.

This morning Kade was playing with my wedding ring. I say to Kade, that is my wedding ring. He asked why? I wear it because I am married to your Dad, because I love him. Kade says, no Mom, you are married to me. I love this kid.

Every time he wants to play with one of his friends, he asks me, "Mom, can (my friend) come and play on my house. No, I want to play on their house too."

The other day he had a well baby check up. We were getting in the car and my Uncle came to say goodbye. Kade informs him that he is going to the doctor because he has an "oweee on his penis". This was news to me. I imagine he thought he was going to the doctor for this reason because he pulls on his man parts all.the.time. And I am pretty sure I told him a few times that if he continues to pull on it so hard he might have an oweee. oh man.