Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunset Walk

So I finally put batteries in my camera, so maybe that will help me blog a bit more...maybe. 

We did a sunset walk along the Bluff trail at MDO last night, and it was beautiful. We are truly so spoiled to be able to live here.
Letting Kade get his wiggles out first before he gets in the pack.

"Mom, really.....don't you have enough picture of me?" ...the answer is always nope, never enough.

I haven included these next few pictures for your enjoyment...Here we attempt to take a picture of us three...First try....We are saying "Cheeeeeese" and looking cheesing so Kade will smile. Look at his face....

Whoops, not ready.

Good, gosh..we are not good at this....

Hey, look we both smiled! Miracle, but then where is Kade?

And this is as close as we got!

The sunset beginning....

This where I said, "Paul I'm taking a picture..."

And this is where I say.."can you please smile and act normal."...and he attempts acting like a monkey. Whatever...:)

Strolling along...checking out the scenery.

Trying to capture that I was there too.

So blessed to be able to see such a beautiful place and enjoy it with the people I love.  

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The house is looking like this....

Boxes are beginning to fill our house and we are getting ready to move...oh the joys of moving. I have to say, I do like to throw out old things or rather give them to the Goodwill and get the feeling that we are headed for a fresh new start in a new home.
I seem to be the one doing the packing....while Kade and Paul find matching hats to pack..

While Kade runs around....

Gotta love free boxes from Miners Hardware.  So many more boxes to pack....

Friday, January 20, 2012

Changing it Up.

I have been itching to redecorate. Or really, wish I had someone to redecorate for me who knows how to work with a really small budget. I have been thinking of looking into on of those HGTV programs to see if they might want us on their T.V show...but then I wonder if I would be all that motivated to actually do that...but I have been dreaming. A lot.
That said, I will soon get to redecorate...and really redecorate...because we are moving. Yup. moving. It will be fun with a maybe HGTV would like us:)
We are moving back to San Luis Obispo. And we are excited about our next adventure, which will involve a very slow pace..I am thinking paint will be my best friend to start off. We will be able to get into the house in February, but will be officially moved by March 1st. I am looking forward to making a new place our home and getting settled....Oh and if you follow me on Pinterest, you may see I am just a tad bit obsessed with home decor ideas. And Pinterest in general. Who told me about that site anyway!?!!
I will try and get some pictures posted at some point soon. And let you know our new address.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years

New Years Eve started out with a little of this.....Kade is getting use to his bike. He is a tad bit young for it, but he enjoys standing on it, looking at it...

Mostly seeming interested in how to turn the time he will ride it...

So for now, we do a lot of wearing the helmet in places like the sand box. Which isn't too bad...He does run around in it. And he is faster these days, so if I really could, I would probably have him in a helmet at all times.

We then went to visit our little friend Wesley. Kade and Wesley are 6 days apart!  Wesley is just a sweet heart.  And so darn cute. Fun spending the afternoon watching the boys play. Tried to get a few shots of them together...but that was nearly impossible to get them in the same frame.

Wesley in action. 

Kade looking awfully serious...not sure if he is filling up his diaper or what was probably the diaper.

I think this is the only shot I got of them together..and it really isn't  a picture of the two of them. Wesley was trying to down the strawberries before Kade could take them away. 

That evening we had a delicious dinner at my friend Roses'  house. Little Kade was up til 10 and was doing pretty good. It was great to hang out with friends and be merry. Kade was a bit tired when we got home,,,and he was still tired the next day, which was nice because we headed to Big Sur for a lovely day of hiking.

And we are off. Kade hiked the first quarter mile..maybe...he wanted to do more...But well, we decided he would enjoy a free ride better. 

We decided to check out the Tan Bark trail. It was a beautiful trail. Steep. Thankfully Paul carried Kade the whole way. We hike to the top of the ridge and got to check out this old Tin House that was built in the 40's for some congressmen. Apparently it was built for his family and they stayed there one night. They were not found of the tin rattling in the wind.

Can you find Paul?

Going up and up and up....

View on the way up.

Still going up:)

We found a lot of mushrooms on the way up. Rose if you read this,   do you think these are oyster mushrooms?

The Tin House

View from the Tin House

View from the meadow in front of the Tin House

So big!!!

We had a wonderful day. Feeling blessed that we were able to bring in the New Year in Big Sur, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Cheers to 2012, I hope it is full of new adventures, love, health and joy! ( This is the fog rolling in on our drive home. Thick, thick fog!)

Odus and Kade..sharing..

Kade has taken an extreme liking to Odus's bed...and well Odus...

..Doesn't feel like sharing most days, and retreats to Kades room and lays on his nice plush, white carpet...

Oh..well...sharing does happen sometimes. And they really are the best of friends!