Monday, May 7, 2012

Thank you, Pinterest.

I have a new found obsession. Pinterest. Finding ideas for crafts, recipes, gift ideas, etc. has never been easier. If you haven't caught the bug, your missing out.
I find all sorts of ideas for house projects and decor ideas, given that is really where my mind is these days. I have to say, I can be a tad creative, but I do like to feed off of others ideas. Just being honest.
Here are my latest steals:
1. Bookshelves made from old pallets. Such a great idea. And they cost me about 5 bucks to make! Not bad.
2. My little rules for Kade sign. The one I found was a print, but I just made a chalk board and framed it with and old frame and free-handed the lettering. Yep..its not too straight, but I think I spelled everything right:)
3. How to organize a playroom...I kind of knew how I was going to make use of our space, but finding ideas on pinterest helped for sure. And some other friends blogs..Thanks Kacy! I think I stole a few ideas from you!
4. Repurposing furniture. I think I blogged about this prior. But I was happy to make a bench, actually 2. Forgot to take a picture of other. Found them in the backyard and cleaned them up and painted them. Love them.

Kades play corner. It only looks like this for a small part of the day. He is loving his magnet board from Ikea and the  Expedit shelf too. Great idea for organizing stuff. And he is obsessed with the abc's. So the letters on the wall are a hot item right now:)

Loving these right now. Just put them up last night. I did all of it except hang them. Thats a great task for the hotty husband. Kade can only reach the lower one. Which mean the better books are out of reach. Perfect:) You can find the project in detail on my pinterest account if your interested. FYI takes a lot of sanding. Splinters....I painted them to look like this. I was going for the old fence look:) And then put a clear top coat to seal it. And in the instructions it has you use a pallet board for the bottom. Mine broke when taking them off the whole pallet. I had new ones made for 4 bucks. 

My little rules for Kade.  

Now to put something on the wall above the couch....hmmmm...
I am enjoying all these projects. More to come. Kade keeps me busy, but I enjoy some grown up projects too.