Thursday, August 9, 2012

Playing Catch Up

This blog is a bit overdue. I have really been putting blogging on the back burner. The days have been flying by...and no documenting has been taking place. So I am hoping with this little blog I can share a few pictures of what we have been up to.
My parents were visiting for a month. So very nice to have them in town. We had many meals together, walks, adventures, shopping days...and they just had a lot of time with Kade. Wish they were closer...mostly cuz I could get really use to a date night every.single.week. Yup, that was very nice.
We are still slowly picking away at our house projects...our bathroom is slowly making progress. Materials have mostly been picked out and the plan of the bathroom is floating in our heads...and we are on the same page about what it shall look like. Progress there. Now, to just get that bathroom done, so we can get our toilet that has made itself a nice home in our backyard, inside where it belongs.
Our backyard is almost completely cleared of juniper. I wish I had taken before pictures...everywhere in our backyard had juniper. EVERYWHERE. It is almost gone and we hope to get Kade a play structure up soon. Soon in our house, soon means a few months:)
All that said, we are enjoying our summer. Fun spending time with so much family and friends. Enjoy the massive pictures collection I added here:)
Many bike rides occur these days. And we very often do where those yellow boots.

Hiking with Nana and Gramp Gram

Mastering the hiking stick.

Campfire in the backyard.


Building a gadget board with Nana.

Loving the water fountain at the Mission.

Beach time with Corbin.

Looking at some birds...or something.

Pool time with Colson and Corbin

Birthday Ice Cream (on actual Birthday) And he blew out his own candle. Nicely done kid.

Kade and his kack-kack.

Little family Birthday Party for Kade.

Loving all the balloons and his cousin Stella.


Out of order here...presents...he did love all his presents, but I think Stella was  better at opening them for him.

Cupcake time.....

Turing the big 2!

Smashing the cupcake in his face:)

Stella and her cupcake.

Sharing something good.

Happy Birthday boy with a few of his new train items.

Beach time with Daddy and Odus.

Walking ponies at Parent Partcipation Class.

More bike riding.

Trevor and Kade. My brother was in town with his son Trevor. Kade LOVES his cousin. They had a lot of fun together!!!

Laughing at Trevor.

My Mom, brother J.D, Trevor and Kade. ( I truly failed at getting family pictures this go around....)

More s'mores....

One of our family dinners around the sad attempt at a picture of us...many missing.

Kade and his Nana and Gramp Gram. Thank you for coming to visit and spoiling Kade with love and many memories. He misses you bunches!