Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rainy Day Adventures

On Saturday Paul and I headed out on Highway 1 to check out the big waves and try and find a dry place to hike. We ended up at Hearst Beach, and it was beautiful. But we did get caught in the rain..with out our rain jackets..not so smart were we. But we did get some beautiful pictures and got friendly with the seals.

We stopped in Harmony along the way to check out this trail. No dogs aloud, so we stuck around a bit and then decided to head North to the beach. Beautiful hike, but Odus would not be able to come..So sad..

Rainbow City!! We saw beautiful rainbows. Made a few wishes....

Playing with the Seals

Caught in the rain....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

20 week Ultra Sound..Boy or Girl?

We were so delighted to have our 20 week ultra sounds today. According to the doctor I am 19 weeks and 4 days:) And the baby is looking good. Healthy and said to be about 11 oz. A bit above average for this stage. We will take it. Big is good.

As some of you know, they are watching a small spot on my right side. They figured it out. And it is a small fibroyoid. (Sp)? There is no interference with the baby and they will monitor it in 6 weeks to make sure it is not growing. The Dr. said given that it is so small it will probably be nothing to worry about, but just to keep an eye on. Good positive thoughts I will be sending that fibroyoid..and telling it to get lost and just stay out of the way:) I think all will be good and baby will be just great!

So enough of that huh? Drum roll for this.....We are having a little BOY! Yes we saw the little thing in there! Paul was very proud of his son as am I. We both look forward to meeting it in July. And I hope you all do to. Please keep us in your good thoughts:)

Here is a picture. Hard to get based on he was being stubborn and also my scanner is not working!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

18 weeks or so...ummm

The belly is a growin'! And I love it! This picture, I think, makes it look bigger than it really is. Could be the shirt, or it is just that nice and round. Can't wait for it to get bigger and bigger and bigger and then...we will get to meet baby Lavelle. But no sooner than July:)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Baby Hats

Just thought I would blog my latest project..seems there have been a few lately. Nesting?? Umm..or just always needing something to work on. So my latest project is perfecting baby hats. It took me a day to figure out how to make these hats; no pattern. But was determined to figure out how they make those reversible hats...with much contemplation and many weird conversations with the Odus and the baby ( as I talk to them a lot when I am home by myself!), I figured it out..still working on the pattern, but here are a few that I jumped up and down over because I got it figured out. Gloating here..not sure. Just excited at my abilities to figure out a so called puzzle!!
3rd attempt..but the iron-on decal got did not all come off and I ended up with this, but I decided it
looked like a cloud. Hat a bit round; got better by the 5th try!

This was a 5th try and I like the shape of it better. Perfecting the pattern and I got the iron-on to work!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Prego Friends..

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Trip to the Musuem

Last Saturday Paul and I took a trip to Santa Barbara for the day. It was pooring rain, but our Landlord had to do some work on the house, so we wanted to get away for the day. We thought a trip to SB would be fun. We spent most of the day at the Natural History Museum. Paul had never been to it and he of course wanted to check out the Geology section. We also spent some time at the Mission. We had Odus with us, so we did not go in, but took a nice walk around the neighborhood. We had lunch at our secret yummy Mexican food resturant- La Superica!! Aunt Jodi, if you read this, I thought of you!! We spent some time down town shopping and then headed home.. Sorry folks no pictures of me. We forgot about the camera most of the day. We were just enjoying our time too much!

Here is a scary picture of Paul..trying to look like an angry Wooly Mammoth..he did a good job!

              This crstyal was amazing!! I would love to find that while out wandering around!

                           Poor Odus in the car..luckily the rain cleared and we got him out..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Exploring..and what did I find?

I decided to go exploring the other day..and I landed myself in a small park out in Morro Bay. The stairs lead me down to this little beach where many people store their row boats and some sail boats. The cool thing about the beach was the amount of shells! They were everywhere. I was amazed at the amount and after talking with Paul about it, we decided that maybe fisherman dumped the oyster shells in this area. Not too sure. With Paul being a geologist, I tried to get a few picture of the soil layers, top soil included to show how the shells have deposited themselves.

Laundry with Odus

All you dog lovers out know how it is when your pet does something you just want to take a picture of. For some reason the other day when we were doing laundry, Odus, well decided to lay on it..and when we were separating the laundry it landed on him and it didn't bother him at first. He got up later and was walking around with Pauls pants on his head. It was so funny, but I failed to get a picture of that! I do love Odus dearly!