Thursday, January 30, 2014

Birthday Girl

It has been just a small while since I have attempted to put anything on this blog of ours....I think I skipped Christmas and Thanksgiving...oh dear.
I am pretty surprised though that it is 2014 AND that I will be celebrating my sweet baby girls birthday tomorrow!

So here we go my little one...just a year ago I was in full labor with you right about now...thinking this whole baby#2 was going to go a lot quicker...not the case. A solid 12 hours later at 1:50 a.m I cried as I held you for the first time. So sweet and not so little at 9lbs 5oz. but the dream girl I was hoping for. Over this last year, I have been so blessed to watch you grow oh-so quickly. And now, how can it be that you just took your first steps? You are so sweet, sensitive, a bit sassy, talkative, active, observant and just a love. I never knew my heart could love something so much and have room to love are the best little sister, daughter and love in this house. Blessed we are to have you. Thank you for coming to our little life and making it that much better. Happy almost birthday to you!!