Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year we headed to Walla Walla for Christmas at my parents house. It was a wonderful Christmas filled with my loving family, good food, laughter, love and wonderful gifts. I feel very blessed to be able to surround Kade with such a family. There were so many photos, so I think I will let them tell the story of our special Christmas. (42 pictures....that's how many are on this blog!) Geesh...I got photo happy for sure.
Morning hugs from Aunt Anna

Licking the frosting coated beaters, and looking a bit spaced out...

Getting ready to head outside, where it was very cold. No snow, but it was in the 20's and 30's...brrrrr

Loving his little duck from Aunt Anna

So many hugs and Kisses from Nana

I'm pretty sure, Kade makes my family smile:)

Playing Piano with Grandpa

If you read my blog enough, you will know that here is yet another attempt at a family photo.....

Anna and her sweetheart Nic


A cold, cold swing session with Nana 

Playing drums with Cousin Kota

Reading books with Aunt Terry

Somehow I got this crazy idea that Kade would love making a gingerbread house....and well he did..because he got to eat all that yummy candy!

I think Anna and I did most of the decorations. Kade why are you eating the sprinkles out of the bottle?!

Who gave Kade the butter knife.....?

This is why he shouldn't have had the knife....It was fun to make anyhow....

Christmas morning. Reading books with Dad

Checking out the Tree with Billy and using a present as a foot rest

Snack time wtih Aunt Anna

Paul opening his gifts

Kade and his new beanie from Uncle Nic (Notre Dame)

A book from Grandpa

Tryingg on his backpack from Aunt Coco

Drink break with Nana

Grandpa and his dogs........

Heading out for a hike...Why do I have on all these clothes and Kota has on shorts...? Well your cousin Kota is crazy. It was 30 degrees...On a side note..Kade was so happy here, but was short lived. He feel and hit his lip on a rock and got his first really big fat lip. 

Hiking by the Lake

Kota keeping Billy nice and warm on the hike

Poor sweet Kade and his fat lip...oh my..that was a close one. No stitches, but it was close.

This is what Kota calls photo booming...And Anna would be the one booming the picture, taking away from Kota and his chance to be in the spotlight.

Kade in a basket

Thank to Aunt Coco and Lexi, Kade has his first pair of Seven jeans. Thankfully he has room to grow into them. They sure are cute!

Nana and Kade. Pure Love.

A little obsessed with the iphone.

One of our gifts we received from my parents. I had to take a picture of this because I am always amazed with my mothers creativity. This year my mom made one of these for each one of my siblings..five of these she made. Each one is a pop up card with removable ornaments. On each ornament is specific foundation, like the Cancer Foundation. The idea of the tree is to list possible places to donate money. In the little pocket next to the tree was an amount of money to donate. So now, Paul and I and the rest of my siblings and family will have to decide where we want to donate money. I am filled with gratitude that we are able to give to others and help a cause.

Last, but not least, Kade was surprised with a new bike from his dear parents...What a lucky boy!! He took right to it, but will certainly need a lot of help and time to learn how to ride a bike. Merry Christmas!!!!

And for these to boys, I would do anything.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday...and I kinda wish I had more of them in one year..if it didn't involve me actually having to get older. It is because, I do love birthdays and getting pampered and getting presents. I can't lie about that. So yesterday, was yet again a wonderful birthday. Paul let me stay in bed until 9!! I can't say I was sleeping, but 9!! That is wild for me! And he and Kade made me breakfast. The best! That was followed by a nice relaxing pedicure and lunch with the family. And then we did a sunset hike up Madonna, which was beautiful. And the day ended with Noi's takeout, Dairy-free cheesecake and Tom's shoes and more gifts. Happy Birthday to me!!! I guess turning one year older isn't so bad.
Doesn't Kade look so tough here??!

Heading up..view of San Luis Obispo. 

still going...

The Light Tree at the top.

My baby:)