Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Birthday Girl

The last post I made here was dedicated to my sweet little cupcake. It is now March and I have neglected this Blog page of ours. Life happens and blogging just doesn't seem to around here. I finally downloaded some pictures from her little 1st Birthday. Just a few months late....
We are enjoying watching both our Monkeys grow up way too
fast. Kinsley now walking in full speed, trying to keep up with her brother. She is a total chatter box, but still yet to really make many words other than Mama and Dada. She LOVES to eat and is sleeping much better these days. Thank goodness. As to how many teeth she has...not too sure. She is getting in more each time I check. She is one feisty little thing, a total busy body, loves her books, BALLS, and being outside. Each day these babies get stronger and bigger and I am just so grateful and blessed that I get to be their Mama and love them even more.