Friday, October 15, 2010

You know it..More picture of Kade

So my dear child is napping right the swing..I have contemplated lately if it is a healthy choice to let him swing for a few hours each afternoon, or morning while he naps. I have talked to a few of you, pondering my choice. I was seriously stressing that I should have him still when he naps. I read some where and heard from a few that napping in cars, strollers and swings is not a good thing-not as quality of sleep. So maybe they are right. But I know my child loves the swing and so do I. Its kinda like crack in our house..So I decided that if thats how he's going to sleep for a while during the day.(Thanks to Holly too for sharing your sleeping strategies. It helps knowing someone else is about the swing too.)  Than so be it. He was sleeping in it at night. Not moving, just in it. I felt like a bad parent or something, but he seems to be fine with the crib by the said.  I am hoping to get through a blog before he wakes up.
He is certainly growing these days. I think I say that every time I get a chance to write something about him. He probably weighs 16 plus pounds by now. He's like a little tank. Maybe I will get muscles of steel ( did I get that right?) from carrying him around. There's really not too much to report, other than he loves sucking on his hands, sitting upright, trying to crawl, talking, smiling, laughing..just a little. And melting my heart as often as possible. He is sleeping so-so these days. We are working on figuring out his wants and all..but like they say, it changes quite fast, just when I thought he was sleeping one way. Aww, for the love of the babies.

Friday, October 8, 2010

3 months

Our little man is 3 months this Sunday. Seriously where did the time go? He grows so much each day. And with each day,  I feel blessed to have such a wonderful little baby. I truly didn't know how much I could love some one so much.
Kade's little personality is growing. He seems a bit like me..impatient. He really wants things quickly. And he really lets us know what he wants..if we can figure it out. Most times it is pretty simple-food, sleep or movement. Kade loves to move, either on his own or in a stroller, pack or just being held. He is strong enough these days to keep his head up and scoot himself on the floor. He is determined. I can see that in him. He is also enjoying siiting up with support in his bumbo chair.And will watch you intently as you scurry around him to make dinner or do various tasks. He is "talking" a lot more these days too. He seems to have a lot to say. Especially first thing in the morning. Thank goodness he doesn't truly want to wake 'til 7 or 8.
When Paul arrives from work, Kade is always filled with smiles now and starts chattin' it up. Filling Dad in about the day. What else..He is a pretty good sleeper and napper. The last few weeks he wants to saw the zz's big time around 8:30-9pm. He will sleep til 2:30-3am..then up at 5:30 then 7..the mornings he wants to eat more..We make it happen. Thank goodness he eats faster then and goes to sleep right after. As for naps..I can always count on a solid few hours every afternoon between 12-3. And this is nice..but soon it could change..thats what they tell me.
So that is all for now. Let me say again, I love him and like a true Mom I am now, I think he is the best baby. And he has made our family even more special. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

And more...

Rose and Kade after a warm hike..much needed naked time here.

Play time..and a nice smile I finally captured on camera.

I love did I get so lucky? This picture, for some reason, melts my heart.

And little chunky monkey has my heart.

My first baby...

Rose and Kade

Odus and his Girlfriend Jade..Can you tell who is who?

A Collage of Recent Photos

A walk out at MDO

Sitting on Daddy's tummy

A kiss from Dad

Bouncing on the ball..and more bouncing...

Penelope and Kade...not too sure here..

Allison got him to smile for her:)

Yet..another hike..

When I think of my blog, I really think that it is truly becoming just a collage of pictures of Kade. And really that is what is intended for. Sometimes I think I will actually write about things and what we are doing, his growth and changes. But then I realize that I start blogging at the end of Kade's nap time and then I have no time to really go in depth as to whats been happening around these parts of the woods. So here are a few pictures to give you a glimpse.