Sunday, July 24, 2011

TIme with the Grandparents

Kade is loving having his Grandma and Grandpa here. He is soaking it all up. Loving the extra love and attention. The time is sure flying by. They have already been here almost 2 weeks. So hard to believe. Our time has been spent taking walks,  going shopping, eating, cooking, going the park, checking out a summer concert in the plaza,  and just spending time together, which has been lovely. And poor Paul has been having to work...but has got to spend a few good moments with us. But that work thing sure gets in the way.

Playing in the pool, a bit chilly out in LO for some real swimming.

Went looking for rattle snakes at the Bluff trail.

And we found a few. Look closely....Yikes!

Grandpa Ned did some babysitting...and when we came back Kades little face looking like he had had some fun with food and dirt.

Kisses from Grandma

Mowing the lawn.....

Basketball time with Grandpa
Dancing with Grandma

Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Kade

I am so overdue for a good blog session. So here it goes. Our little man turned 1 on July 18th. We celebrated on the 16th..he won't know the difference for a few years. I am amazed at how fast he has grown and how much I love him. I wanted to blog about his birthday sooner, but we were having problems with our internet...and the parents are in town, so it feels like the days just fly by, and blogging has been put on the back burner.

So to you Kade, my precious baby boy, who is getting so big so fast, I blog these pictures for you. For you and how special you are....You are the best baby boy I could have ever dreamed of. I love you to pieces. I tell you this all the time, and it is so true. I want to hold you forever. I want to stop time so I can hold you longer before you get too big. I never want to stop rocking you at night and singing to you....but that time will come, but for now, you are the big 1. And I will continue to cherish every single moment I get to have with you. I will put this birthday memory in my mind and never forget your first birthday and the first 12 months of your life. You the best little monkey. Love you.

Yes you are! Happy Birthday Kade!

Julie, Wesley and Kade

Blowing Bubbles with Nana (Grandma)

Kade wasn't too sure about the whole birthday wishing at first, but then he got his first taste of the cupcake and he was in  heaven.

Opening presents.

Sniffing ribbons.

Corbin taking it all in.

Laughing with Stefany.

Happy Birthday little monkey!

Kind of out of order...Eating cupcakes with Dad.

Paul and cameras...grrrrrrrr.....

Cupcake in the nose.

Levi...probably eating something.:)
Grandpas chatting it up.
Baby Stella hanging out.

And a kiss from Auntie Jackie.
It was a wonderful first birthday for Kade. Thank you to everyone for coming and celebrating with us.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cabrillo Hike

Did a lovely hike this morning with Stefany and Corbin. The fog lifted in Los Osos and the sun was shining.

Kade taking toys...

Corbin and his rock.

Always loving other's toys...

Wesley's 1st Birthday Party

Kade starting the party early..while driving he downed his whole bottle of juice.

Wesley (My dear friend Julie's son), will be officially 1 on the 12th. It is hard to believe that our boys are yet only 6 days apart! Where has the year gone?! Happy Birthday to Wesley. You are just days way from turning the big 1!!!

Betty Crocker herself and I....(She did make that amazing cake!)

Testing out Wesley's new sandbox

Is this not the cutest gets better....

Riding his trike and wearing glasses....

Wesley and his Mama.

Kade never stopped moving the whole time we where there. It is his mode of operation these days.  And loving finding new things to travel with.

Wesley wanting that cake so bad.....

Awwww...finally...I get to stick my fingers in this and try it...

Kade has his share of the cake....

And wanted more....Next week buddy....You can have more then.

Opening presents.

And bath time....Is there anything cuter than little baby bums?!

And this was the end of Wesley's first birthday. A wonderful day it was.