Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kade 8 months

My friend Nicole takes really great pictures. She always seems to capture the best expressions on Kade. This one is his serious face..Concentrating on something. Probably the pool, as he gets ready for swim time. The hat cracks me up...It stays on best this way....I really can't believe he is 8 months...and will be 9 months oh-to-soon. I love you little man. You are my little blessing and have already changed my life.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dump truck and Cheerio Butt

I just woke up from a nap and I get to play with this??!

I am not too sure just yet...but I do like it.

And I love it!! Thank you Gramma!
What are you looking at? got a Cheerio stuck on your butt...
Ha ha ha haaa...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Anna and Nic Visit

Auntie Anna babysitting Kade while I was getting a much needed hair cut.

 Kade really enjoyed Nic and his crazy noises he could make. And the shoulder ride!

Making enchiladas with the sis..and why not have a Coors Light?

Toy hog.

Ummm, yeah. This picture says it all. Look at those eyes. He was liking the green bottle not the beer, people.

Anna, Nic and the Kade-man.

I am liking this makes me laugh.....

Breakfast time with Auntie Anna

First whole strawberry

I was trying to get a picture of their eyes here. Kade and Anna have very similar eye color. I Hope it stays that way.

Our very stormy walk along the Bluff Trail at MDO

It was very wet.

The waves were massive. No joke. My camera is not good enough to show how huge! Crazy.

This picture should be up with the other beer ones...but I don't think they can ever babysit..Ha haha

The one actual nice day they had while visiting. And no better place to be than the beach.

Anna, Paul, Kade, Odus and Nic

Same people:)

Rolling up the pants to cross the creek at the beach.

Me familia.

Anna and Nic...sitting in a tree.....

No clouds...finally.

Enjoying the free ride on dad's back.

Pearly whites.

Julie and Wesley came and met up with us in Cayucus. So fun to see them. They then headed to our house for a little play date.

Kade was very excited, as usual, to see his buddy and well, bulldoze over him like normal.

Hey Wes.  What's up?

My sister Anna and her boyfriend Nic came to California for a visit. It was so nice to have them around and get to spend time with my sister. It was unfortunate for them that they weather was just plain awful while they were here. There were two days where the sun came out that we tried to take advantage. Given the weather was bad, we did some shopping, cooking, movie watching and a few hikes when we could fit them in. Kade loved all the extra attention and I think was feeling lonely on Monday when they left:(  ( This was supposed to be at the top. I am not the best blogger. And I really did get a lot of pictures on here. Enjoy.)

Up Close and Personal

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today I was so delighted and excited to visit my friend Allison in the hospital. Monday she welcomed her little baby boy into the world after a very long experience in the hospital. Baby Bishop Pi is healthy and just precious. He weighs 7 lbs 1 oz. And, did I say yet how cute he is? I do have a soft spot for babies, that is for sure! Allison is doing well. Tired..well exhausted after her experience...but looks amazing regardless! She is a very strong person..I am thankful that I got to meet the baby boy and hold him while he is so so tiny...For the love of newborns.
Waking up for some milk.....

Precious face...
I tried to rotate this wouldn't...Still cuteness

After our lovely visit, Kade and I went to see Corbin and Stefany..Kade enjoyed slobbering on Corbin's toys and checking out all his fancy toys. And on the way home, Kade feel asleep with in minutes of being in the car....
The block eater...

Eating my block, dude...that is mine you know?

Dude..really?.. You're eating my favorite block...

Got me a new hat....

...Where did that block go? Right, I bet Kade has it...

Nope, I am done with those...