Wednesday, September 18, 2013


To my sweet baby girl.
Oh did 7 months just pass? Kinsley you are a wee baby still to me, but growing so fast.  You are the best little baby. Not so quiet anymore. But you pretty much only make a peep when you really need something, And mostly when your brother is rolling on you and trying to wrestle with you or hit you with something because he is your older brother. You are going to be a tough little nut as you get older-you already are.
You love solid foods and will eat anything I put in front of you. I hope that doesn't change.
You love your brother, even though he still doesn't get the message that you are a baby.
You love your jumper...and still have yet to crawl. But you will soon and then I will be hoping you hadn't figure it out yet. You are like a rolling machine these days...which makes for a fun time as your brother rolls with you.
You have two sweet little bottom teeth. If only I could get a picture of those teeth!
I posted these pictures of you because you are wearing my sweater that I had as a baby. Some one knitted it for me years ago. So fun to see you wearing it too now.  I love you beyond the moon and back. And I just can't plant enough kisses on that sweet face of yours each day. xoxo


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Update on my Dad

First off I have to say, my camera is broken. Booooo..I use my iphone quite a bit for photos, but I miss my little camera. Of course we have another one that is newer, but the cord is lost. So I have no pictures for this blog.
That said, this blog is really about my Dad. My dad who is fighting cancer. He is doing well, considering. We have been enjoying many meals with him at home, and some walks out and about. We have had a lot of family in town, which is keeping us all busy. I think the next visitors come in October.
The new word on my Dad is that he is going to give Chemo a whirl. It was said at first that this was not the best option, but after a long visit with the oncologist, he wants to try and short dose of Chemo to see if he can shrink the tumor. If he can, there is a small chance that it could be removed at Standford. This would be a perfect miracle. And that we will pray for.
They are still really unsure where the cancer is coming from. It was thought to be the pancreas, thus meaning it would be pancreatic cancer, which I might have stated in my last post. Still they are looking for the origin of it. He will have a PETscan this week to figure that out.
I am hoping for the best. And mostly just want my dad to be comfortable and have the best quality of life he can have at this point. I will do my best to keep my blog updated for those of you who are following us on this journey. And in the mean time I will try and get our camera up and running so I can post some sweet pictures!