Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A growing, curious boy....

Some naked there anything better? 

Kade's favorite thing these days is putting things in buckets, cups and bowls.  And even himself in to baskets. I can get quite a few things done while he does this. 

Having dinner with Cousin Stella

Stella sticking her tongue out at Kade..Im sure he deserved it too.

Joel and Stella(almost 6 months) Paul and Kade (14 months)

Kade has a new found love. Apples.

And eating pizza...outside....quite the mess.

Pizza and dirt caked to the face.....

And again, trying to cram himself in a basket...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A beautiful Hike up to the top of Cerro Alto

Given yesterday was so clear, on the coast and inland, we ventured to Cerro Alto to check out the views. It was beautiful to say the least. We came down as the sun was setting. I tried to take a sunset picture, but the hills were blocking the view.  It was a wonderful hike. And always my favorite activity. .
The view half way up. This hike gains elevation quickly. Its a nice workout for the legs:)

Checking out the view.

And its not too bad....

If I could figure out to put these four pictures above in a would be my attempt at a panoramic from the top. But I can't seem to figure it out on iphoto?! The pictures were hard to take, given were the sun was located and my photo skills. It was beautiful from the top!

A messed up photo, but I kind of like it. 

On the way down..the colors where so beautiful. My camera just could not deliver..grrr...

And we made it down:)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Great Grandma Nana

I have been meaning to post a picture of Kade and his Great Grandma Judith "Nana". We went to visit her this summer, and I failed to put a picture of them two here. Kade had fun trying to climb her stairs, smudge all her photos and trinkets...And we did leave with breaking nothing. Successful trip.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Viking Hat

My Aunt Jodi gave Kade this viking hat for his birthday. At first, he chewed on it, tried to put it on the dog, tried to put it on me...and now finally he is mastering the art of putting it on his head the right way. And it is pretty cute.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mammoth....the. best.

We took a little trip to Mammoth over Labor Day weekend to do some mountain biking and hiking.  Mammoth is just beautiful, and there are so many outdoor activities to do. This picture is before we left....Kade snuggling with Odus. Odus did not come with us this time. He got spoiled and was able to stay at his pet resort. And I am sure he was just fine with that. All in all the trip was a great one. My only complaint would be poor little Kade was a bit fussy....wouldn't nap and slept not-so- good at night.  But considering, he was still good. And the trip was all worth it.

Our lunch break in Red Rock. It was hot. Really hot. But it was our only chance to get Kade out. It was a nice 100 plus degrees. Hot. We found a water faucet for Kade and let him play in it and get wet.

Kades little red face......and he might be working on filling his diaper up here.....its possible.

Why did I wear long black pants. Why?

Always trying to attempt a good family picture.

Mammoth....a little hike I did with Demory and Stefany. The Minerets, I believe.

Park action.

Before my long, long fun ride off the top of Mammoth. Some attempted pictures...this is about how it goes....why am I always the only one looking at the camera?

Riding to the top with Stefany and Demory.

Yep. Still snow.

Our last day we did a hike in the Ansel Adams wilderness. It was beautiful. And we only saw  a few people on the trail. So it was worth it. 

Kade is napping. was nice.

Thanks mom and dad for bringing me to Mammoth. I did have a great time.  One of these days I will be on a mountain bike of my own...