Monday, April 30, 2012


Its already May...well almost. I feel like we are always doing some project...but progression seems a bit slow. But progress is happening, so I'll go with that.
Right now, the one room that seems the most put-together is our room. Minus some curtains and a mirror and the closets and doors being painted and door knobs changed...its my favorite room so far.
I finally put something on our walls. It took me forever to decide how to organize this. I think it turned out well. Now, to figure out how to make my pillows look fluffy and straight, just like all those professional home decor people:)

I finally got some curtains rods this weekend. Now to attempt finding some good curtains. I have to say, not my favorite chore.

I dreamed up a mirror to make for over our dresser. I have all the wood. Now to attempt it. Oh and behind that door. Is our master bathroom. It is, well...out of order. It needs to be all redone. On the list.

I finally found a good use for my Grandpa's old plant books.  The pages are so old..they are hard to read. So here, I happily used them to make our lamps a tad bit taller.

I have to say, I made this bench for free. It was in our backyard....covered in dirt and cob webs.  And was double the size. So I cut it in half and sanded it, and then painted it white and made it it comes....Shabby Chic. Oh yes I did:) I do like it. It pretty much serves the purpose of allowing Kade to jump on our bed. Perfect. Exactly what I had in mind.

My next task....well there are many. And I am quite ADD  about it all. Always  doing too many things at once. Never fully accomplishing one thing at a time, fully. But Kades little play corner is in the making....And this is the start. 

Monday, April 9, 2012


We had a nice quiet Easter weekend. After our trip to Huntington Beach, and parents visiting, it was nice to have a quiet weekend. We had dinner with Kade's Great Nana Friday, along with his little "cousin" Stella, who just turned the big One.
We did a small little egg hunt with Kade in our backyard on Sunday. It was a total hit! Probably because I failed as a mom and put straight up sugar candies in the eggs. Now when we go to the backyard, he asks where the eggs are....Regardless it was fun to watch him get surprised each time he found and egg and then the jelly beans. He was a happy camper for sure.
Little Stella

It is just too cute watching these two interact. Kade had some long story to tell her. 

Look at her face...Kade what are you saying???

Not the best picture..but Kade with his Great Nana

Egg Hunt. Found the egg. Looked inside.

Dropped the jelly bean......

Got a taste of the little bean.....

Oh was good!

I think I will have another one!

Not wanting to share....

But then he did:)

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dear Blog, I haven't forgotten....just been busy and taking a break from you.

Oh man. Really? It's been a good solid month plus since I even looked at my blog?! It was good to have a break. And honestly after this blog, it might be awhile again. I have an endless list of projects to do and so little time.
It's Kade who takes up about 90% of my time. And I am one happy Mama to take care of him. But the list of to-do's seem to not get done all too fast. We have managed to get all the flooring done, painted three rooms...which involved sanding and wallpaper removing...Wallpaper is a commitment. And I don't think I will ever put wallpaper on a wall after finding out how hard it is to remove. Ugh.
Besides all this house stuff, we have been taking a bit of a break. Paul did a snowboarding trip with is buddies for a week and I went to Huntington Beach to visit family. And then my parents came to visit us here. They left today....and so I am finally downloading pictures. So this blog is of our vacation time. House pictures to come later...I still want to get more done in that department.
This was prior to our time in Huntington Beach...but I had to add this in. It was just too cute. Helping Dad work on the Mountain Bike.

"Seriously, Mom. We are on a real Train?" Kind of in shock here.

Taking "Dee-Dee" his dog for a train ride.

Trevor entertaining Kade with the iphone. The only way to get through dinner.

Kade relaxing in my bed. Little did I know he was peeing here...Thanks kid. 

Playing Basketball with Grandpa...

While Trevor played a good Soccer game.

My twin brother and Sister. The bestest.

Lexi and Kota:)

Too cool for School.

We had a fun time one evening at the beach. Roasting marshmellows and hotdogs. Kade ran around the whole time with Trevor. And the ball.

Matching shirts, thanks to Aunt Coco.

We took Kade to see his cousin Tiffany dance. He feel asleep in the car...and therefore we missed her dance...but we watched some of the others while Kade slept in the stroller...

Dinner with Nana.

Checking out the sunset.

Yet again, surviving dinner with the iphone.

Kade's favorite thing to do in the hotel was hide in the T.V stand.

Taking a nap by the pool while we got to suntan..or rather sun burn a bit.

Playing on the rocks by the pool.

Fishy time!


Hiking out at MDO with Nana and Papa

Me and my baby.

Kade and his Granpas and Nana. Not the best picture. But the only one I got.

Out of order here...Hiking:)
Anyhow, enjoy these pictures. I love my family dearly and enjoy them all. Kade had a blast and I think this time around "Revor" (Trevor) was his favorite cousin. But really Kade loves all the attention he gets and just soaks it up.