Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Visit with the Newbie Mamas

Nicole and Stefany..and their cute, adorable new additions, well not too new. Crazy to think that Corbin and Colson are 2 months old now! Wowsers!! Anyhow, they all came to spend some time with me out in Los Osos. Odus was all about the babies. And it was hard to keep him off of them! He is going to be great with our little guy, but also a challenge to keep him from licking him like crazy. He got in trouble for getting up in their business a few too many times. His face was so sad:( Poor guy.  Have a feeling Odus is going to have yet another best friend in this house. Here are some great pictures of the happy babies and man, look at the kiss that Odus gave Colson!!!!

A little trip to Cal Poly

Paul and I took a little trip down memory lane the other day. We figured since school is out, visiting Cal Poly Campus would be nice. Crazy to think that 6 years ago we met there..and created a few memories there and then, gosh, here we are now, married with a little squirt in the oven! And I couldn't imagine it any differently. Anyhow, we didn't walk through campus, but yet headed to the botanical garden with Odus and took a stroll and checked out all the plants. Dorks that we are spent a while there, admiring what we found.

First stop, the car wash..Thought this was kinda cool. As I sat and watched Paul wash my car..

So enthusiastic..I really was..but think I was feeling like..well..not getting another prego picture. Thanks Paul:)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Los Osos Delivers

Last night Los Osos delivered a seriously beautiful sunset. With all the fog we experience out here, it was nice to see some color in the sky and take it all in. Oh, and I can't take credit for these pictures. This was all Paul..and he captured it all quite well, I must say.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More about me..

It seems that all I write about these days is the growing belly I have attached to me! But thats what I have going on, so I figure people don't mind the update. On Friday I will be 37 weeks along. Really?? I feel like I should be 40 at this point. The days go by so fast...umm...that is a false statement. Everyday I feel like I am preparing for the King to come visit. Always cleaning something. I seriously have to walk away and leave the house to be tempted with something else. Guess I am getting ready. Anyhow, at this point what I know is that the baby's head is pretty low and that he is getting ready to make his way to the world. He is in the right position at this point and I keep telling him to ripen up some more and then come around his due date. And that he can't come out til Grandma gets here!
Here is a picture of the belly at just a few days shy of 37 weeks.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

35 weeks and 5 days....not counting..no way..

When I look at this picture..I really truly wonder how I don't fall over or something? It looks out there!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A little Hearst beach Action

Paul and I headed to Hearst Beach the other day. It was beautiful and a bit crowded. But Summer has began, so what really is expected? We did a little hike. Here are some pictures. Feast your eyes on the one where I walked, no too far, but was feeling pretty pregnant..or having a pregnant moment and Paul was so nice to catch it. But I figure, most of my pictures I choose make me look like pregnancy is a walk in the park, but hey folks, this is getting harder. I am allowed to be counting down the days at this point right? All in all what a wonderful journey to be experiencing....Oh yes.. I am 35 weeks in these pictures.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial weekend

Had a nice three days with Paul and some family...The weather was gorgeous..a little hot for me and my prego-ness, but I did pretty good. The thing that saved me was the pool. I have been wanting to get a pool for a while..and oh was it so darn good. We went to a BBQ in Avila at some crazy beautiful house..little did I know there would be a pool there, so I did not come prepared, but you bet I did put my feet in it and sit there for as long as I could. It was dreamy..And why I ask myself, have a not got to a pool sooner..who knows. I am not really into swimming for exercise, but rather floating and playing in the water. But Paul and I did head to Sinshiemer pool to put my whole prego body in the water. I did some walking, floating, playing and all and boy it felt good. But it was when I got out..did I remember the pounds that a baby puts on the body. Still all worth the while and I bet I will be back there! Sorry folks, no pictures at the pool:(

We also got the pleasure of visiting with Pauls Nana. We spent a few afternoons with her and then took her out to dinner at the Gally in Morro Bay. It was nice to see her and spend some time chatting it up and hearing stories about Paul when he was a little guy. All in all it was a nice weekend..and as I write this, I am truly amazed that it is already June!