Sunday, December 27, 2009


Odus with his new toy Gorilla

This year was pretty quiet for the holidays. Paul and I spent some time packing and doing work at our other house. But we also took time to relax and enjoy our first christmas as a married couple. And awww no different, just as special to have him around and be thankful for our time together. Christmas day was spent at the beach, as it was a beautiful day. Odus was pretty excited to get so much beach time also! I missed my family this year, but I know next year will be a larger christmas.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Did the UPS Man come? I don't think so...

Well Paul and I have decided to move. Changes seem to be happening left and right for us these last couple months. But is a good move for us. We found a house out in Los Osos that will fit us better. It is just a tad bit bigger than the one we are in now. It is currently a bit under construction. The owner is renovating most of the house, so we will get to move into a nice, new clean house. Which is great for us. I will post pictures of the inside later so you all can see. Last time we were there it was a mess of construction items.
We are hoping to be settled by the 1st. We are not sure exactly.
Our new address will be:
The Lavelle's
1204 15th St.
Los Osos, CA.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Did someone say it was my birthday?? And I turned 30??

I wasn't sure I wanted to do much with my birthday this year. There has been so many things going on as it is:) Not only are we settling in as a married couple, which has been wonderful, we are moving! We found a cute place out in Los Osos. It is a great little house and perfect for building our life together:) Given other life changes too, I opted to just do something very low key for my birthday:) That said we went out to dinner with our dear friends Rose and John. It was a great, mellow night with wonderful company! Thank you Rose for the beautiful Orchid! I have to really get on my Orchid growing skills to keep this one going! Thank you everyone too for all your birthday wishes and gifts. All in all it was a special day. And I am so thankful for all my wonderful friends and family.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend in Ojai

It was raining cats and dogs on Saturday and Paul and I were to head down to Ojai for his company Christams Party. We were a bit unsure about the drive, but made it there safe and sound. We ate at a fantastic resturant in Ojai called The Ranch House. The dinning space was amazing! My pictures don't do it justice, but a cool place all around.Oh, yes-there was a Koi pond that had the biggest fish! Tried to capture that! The company party was very nice.(There were 10 more tables like ours. His company is a growin') Good to see Pauls work friends and connect with everyone. His boss announced our wedding, which was pretty sweet. Paul stood up and took my head and kissed it:) I have to say I felt like a pretty happy gal-proud too to be his wife.

On the way home from Ojai on Sunday, we decided to stop and check out Nojoqui Park. There was a great little waterfall we got to see. After the rain, I suspect was a good time to go. For all you family members that look at this, I located yet another sign of Poppi's. It always makes me proud to see them, and excited to see all the marks of his work he left in Santa Barbara County. This sign was one of Pauls favorites because of the carved Oak Tree.

Friday, December 11, 2009

..and the sparkly things that arrive

Need I say more:) This ring showed up with the guy I love. I feel like a pretty lucky girl on many accounts. I am not much for materialistic fancy items, but this one has a pretty special meaning behind it. So I will be more than happy (and so proud) to wear it:) Oh, yes! For those of you I don't get to see, here is a little background on the ring. As diamonds are a girls bestfriend, (did I get that right, Julie?) I opted to have something a bit different. We did some searching at the jewelry store and found out about this amazing stone called Moissanite. I believe in the 1900's it was found by Henri Mossin. It is a rare mineral that is derived from meteorites. Although now, most of the moissanite is man made, as they have found a way to grow the stone in labs. The stone has a very similar appearance to a diamond and is just shy of the hardness of a diamond too. I think it is neat to have something that is geologically different. I know why Paul picked it too-being a Geologist and always looking to have something out of the norm:) I am not walking around with a Million dollar ring:) Not to goal here. For me it is the most beautiful thing I have ever owned and has such a beautiful meaning to it.

 I thought some of you might want to check out Paul's wedding ring. His was very easy to pick out! And it is perfect for him. It is made of titanium and carbon fiber. Two materials that are used to make bike parts. Just right up his alley!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Aww..Tis' the Season

Well..I am starting to believe that because I am a December baby, when the month rolls around, I just feel like it is my favorite month of the year! That said, I do like decorations and things like that. For a few years now I have been meaning to make stocking for us and Odus. And this year, I finally got around to it:) And yes dorky me has decided to post them! Oh and yes, I never said I would have a fake xmas tree, but guess who has one, oh yes! They are cheap, they don't smell as good, but they do look pretty good. Paul said we could get a real one, but I opted against it. This year we are saving a tree:) Tis' the season.