Saturday, March 23, 2013

7 weeks already

Its really hard to believe how fast these little babies grow. Kinsley is growing by the minute it seems like. She is already 7 weeks old. I am trying to soak up as many moments with her as I can. Taking care of Kade and her is wonderful, challenging and down right tiring at moments...and stealing moments with just her is a bit hard some days...not to say stealing sweet moments with just Kade is hard to come by too.
I have been trying to capture the two together, but no good photos have come of it. One of them is usually upset in the photo(Kade crying cuz he want to take the picture)..and Kinsley upset because she is not wanting to be held by brother for too long. We are working on it:)

Cat nap on a lush blankie

Trying to catch a nap in the car...when brother is most quiet.

The most amazing quilt that my Aunt Jodi make for Kinsley. All done by hand. It is truly beautiful! So special for her to make it for baby girl. 

Bubble bath in the back yard.

Do a lot of this...a lot. The only way to get things done and case after Kade.

Tummy time.

Looking like her brother to me here.

Catching up on some sleep...

Big Brother.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby Girl

How is it that our little baby girl, who Kade has renamed already a month old!!? It is going by too fast. I have been meaning to post some newborn pictures of her. And I am finally getting around to it.
We had some pictures taken in the hospital by Ashley Blake. She did a wonderful job. We are happy to have some pictures of the hospital experience. Special moments to cherish.