Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Kids Room

Given I am 8 months pregnant, nesting is definitely happening. I seem to be coming up with all sorts of projects. My latest project was to re-organize the kids room to get ready for this little baby girl. We are going to try and have them share a room-so I wanted to make sure I could fit all that I needed in there when the time comes to have them both sleeping together. I am still trying to work on the gallery wall...which seems to be driving me nuts...oh well. Bigger fish to fry.
Kade's big boy bed. He has been sleeping in it really well. This bed is actually part of  bunk beds, but we will set up the top portion later when the crib is gone and Kade can sleep on the top bunk. 

I had to do something with pink. I am kind of a fan of ruffles she will have. And pink ruffles. I made the bed skirt while Paul was away for 4 days snowboarding his dear butt off. I had to have a project to do at night. Anyhow, holy moly...I don't want to make ruffles for a really long time! But I do like the end product. It makes me feel good that she gets a tiny bit of girly-ness in the room.

Oh the wall....Some frames have pictures, others don't...and what to do with my red board and the hole below it. It may or may not get done before she comes. But I think it is coming together slowly.
So my dear sweet kids, I hope you both sleep well in this room and dream peacefully. ( Kade I know all you want to dream about is fire trucks, baseball and bikes. So dream on my sweet boy. I hope you teach your sister all your night sleeping habits that you have now.)

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