Sunday, June 24, 2012


I have been slightly neglecting my blog. I am not sure what to blame it on. Regardless, its on my list of things to do. I think I will have to start remembering my camera when we go places. That said, we have been busy with some house stuff, mainly the bathroom. Its a slow process, because I won't work on it and Paul has been working 13 plus hour days at work all week long....booo. But good at the same time.  I am thinking in a month we should have some progress to show.
On the list of things to do include, make room for a play structure for Kade outside, put in some lawn, plant some plants, make a mirror (still), make Kades bday present.....I think that is enough to work on for now.
My parents come for a whole month next week and I am super excited to have them close by for that amount of time. I am hoping some things will get knocked off the list quicker when they are around!
I will try and get some pictures up soon of something. For now, if you are reading, I haven't forgot about the blog. Just been enjoying summer and not doing much on the computer.  One more thing, this little man is turning the big 2 in less than a month. So hard to believe. I couldn't be more happy to be his mama!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Surprise Trip to Walla Walla

Congratulations to my Mom, Dakota, Lexi and Jesse. This year was a big one for graduations and retirement!
(P.S) This whole blog got disorganized and I was too lazy to re-do it. Enjoy!

Kade's favorite thing was running around in Nana and Grandpas back yard. 

Spending time on a family friends farm. Kade and the dogs had a blast exploring.

Watering with Grandpa

Playing piano with Kota

Nothing better than Nana's lap

My sister has this great old barn in her backyard. I did a little photo shoot with Kade. 

Uncle J.D and Kade

Attempting a photo at my mom's retirement art show.

My mom's kids did the quilt you can see behind us. Every student made a square. My mom was very surprised. Special thing to have.

Parents backyard. Isn't it beautiful. Always impressed by my mom's green thumb..and my dad's too.

The only pictures that turned out on my camera from Graduation. This was the High School where  my dad went,  2 of my siblings, myself and Dakota.

Hiking with Nana

Come on already. Pick. Me. Up.

Swinging with Grandpa.

Last week Kade and I flew to Washington to surprise my Mom and nephew. My mom is just finishing up her last year of teaching and my nephew graduated high school. It was a busy week. Oh-so-fun! I tried to take pictures of both events, but pretty much failed due to a crazy Kade and a camera that was not willing to work correctly. The photos sum up the trip. Love my family and friends and had a blast. Happy I was able to surprise my mom for her retirement present and be able to attend my nephew Dakota's graduation.