Thursday, June 26, 2014

Done it again...

I am having a hard time keeping up with this blog. It is just not on the top of my list these days. And it is getting neglected. So I will just over load you with pictures of my sweet little love doves and call it a day.

Kinsley is a sweet and not so sweet 16 months old. She is one fiery little pistol most days. She knows what she wants, and will most likely get it. She is not passive...pretty much aggressive, loud and vocal, sweet and cuddley, loves to dance all.the.time. She loves her books and is never with out George. We love her to pieces.

Oh Kade. You are almost 4! How did that happen. My little dinosaur. Lets see. You are my sensitive one. Loud too. You love to wrestle with your sister all.the.time. You love your sister a lot, and some days I think I will explode with all the cuteness between you, but most days I feel crazy from it. You too together are little pistols! You love your trains, cars and bikes right now. Oh and we just had to go the ER yet again for another busted up eyebrow. That is three now! Yikes. Lets be done with that! 

This girl and her George.

Oh and we are working on our bathroom these days. We had this lovely wall paper, that was beyond a b*&^h to remove, sand and prepare for painting. And DYIing things with kids is not eas,y, so yay for us for even getting it done, A+ to Paul and I....

It is looking like this now....We really wanted to remove the counter and all, but we are low on the cash for that one. So we will live with the polka dots and one sink in there for a while longer. And actually, they are growing on me...sad, but kind of true. We are having a mirror made...and then a have a few more projects to do in there and we will be replace the some tile renewal..the boring stuff... oh and curtains, which my husband doesn't understand, but things sometimes just are there because they are cute.

And this is blackmail for later Kade. Yup, Frozen is happening here some extent. Kade sones't like the movie. Kinsley has not clue, except for just loving to put on new cloths and tu-tus...but Kade LOVES the we go with it.

XOOXO you love doves. My life would sure be less exciting without you two around!