Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pretty Normal Day

Oh these kids.
They take so much energy.
But I don't mind.
They are just the best.
I love them. Even when a day is filled with too many time outs, poop smeared on the bathroom floor, sand in my hair and everywhere...crayons on walls. I wouldn't trade it in for anything...well maybe some days I would like to be in Hawaii with just Paul...but that day will come. So for now I soak up this craziness.

Train conducting.

And a sweet baby on the move...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Halloween

Here are a few pictures of the little munchkins on Halloween. I am pretty sure there is nothing cuter than little kids in costumes....
Kade getting Kinsley all dressed up.

And this is how our photo shoot went...about like this....

Jumping at the bounce house at the Church.

Only picture I got with one of my sisters. Happy Halloween! What a fun time this year. Gotta love these little ones. They make the holidays that much more fun!