Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas is coming

Our mantle was fun to decorate this year...and Kade picked out our tree and the elf is on the shelf...Lots of lovely Christmas things happening here.

Monday, December 15, 2014

And in my spare time...

And in my spare time I have been keeping busy doing projects for a few friends and family... thinking it might be fun to start an Etsy sight...we will see.

Santa 2014

Well Santa was a bit late this year to his visiting location..and I think I know why..he was having a major beard malfunction. My kids were so into Santa, no tears or anything...I think they were very curious as to why his beard kept falling off! LOL! Fun time with Santa regardless.

Hello December

Its December.. and I have to admit I almost decided to stop blogging...I just don't put that much time into it anymore. Sad but true. I do realize thought that a lot of our life is documented here and I would like to have that to look back on some day. So here I am trying to blog again.

We have been doing a lot of projects around the house that keep up busy. Not that our kids don't do that, but I do like a good project here and there....

But before I start with that I do owe a few pictures to Kade for his birthday party that happened in July. Ouch! I am so behind. Baby boy turned 4. We did a small park party and then took him to Gilroy Garden. He was a happy kid with both events.

Back to the home improvement projects...We just had our gross-a#$ popcorn ceilings finally removed! Yippeee! Oh how I was so happy to see them go, and to go along with that we had the carpets cleaned and are working to replace all the light fixtures through the house..minus the kitchen and our bedroom.. Before that we did a small make over in the hall bath..removed the wall paper...and painted the cabinets and added some fun things...we repainted the kids room and put up bunkbeds and had a new mantle built for our fireplace..which I have yet to take pictures of...anyhow..here we go. Pictures will show the fun:)

Kade and his best buddie from school, Hunter:) Those two are like brothers!

Enjoying some cupcakes and snacks:)

Here is what we had before. Oh that wall paper!!!

I had fun doing the small little projects.. the Zebra took along time to make, but Kade really wanted one in the bathroom...and the pallet art was fun..kids got naked and pretty much rolled around on the wood! And the mirror was a project I worked on with a friend..He built it and I stained and distressed it. I like the improvement for sure.. Still need a new faucet, and we will be set for a while until the kids fight over the sink and then maybe we will add that in:)

Part of the kids room. Kade wanted a blue room.. and since both kids are sharing..We did a really light blue color:)

Junk collecter

Light that Kade picked. I am a sucker for all these new vintagey depot light fixtures right now.