Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A little beach action

Headed out to Avila today. Given the weather was a whopping 85 degrees or something crazy like that, thought the beach would be a good idea. It felt pretty good, but being prego at the beach..feels a bit hotter than normal. But the company was well worth it. Got to see the Rodger gals.(and Ozzy who did not make it into the pictures.) And got some cute pictures of the adorable Tali and the "hair"! Love it!! Thanks for the beach day Holly and pose!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Yep..we all drank the same water...

Hanging out with all the girls at Stefany's baby shower who are pregnant. Hard to believe that we will all me moms together. How nuts! Never thought this would be happening..and so far three out of the five of us are having b-o-y-s! Hows that for drinking the same water...

Spring is just about here..and oh the places we hike are so pretty!

Paul, Odus and I ventured to Froom Creek this weekend. It is a beautiful place to hike and bike and just take in the beginning signs of spring. I waddled (not too bad yet..just slowly walked..I will save waddling for later) along the trail and took some pictures, while Paul rode and Odus, like normal ran along side him, like a little boy running after an ice cream truck..or at least something like that.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Snowboarding for one, please!

So Paul works like a mo-fo..(long days) and so his time is now limited. And knowing a baby is on they way, he is so inclined to sneak in any type of snowboarding possible ( and mountain biking for all that know him well). And that is just what he did. He bombed up to the mountain Wednesday night and boarded all day Thursday. And when he came home, he was stoked to have put in a whole day-and it was a blue bird day and with practically no hassle waiting. So in return for me being lonely for one night in bed, I get a happy, worn out husband who just totally fulfilled his fix. And I am one happy wife knowing that he had a fan-tab-u-lous time.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aww..belly Kisses

Oh how fun it is to have friends to go through this journey with. So much to chat about and learn from each other. It is nice to have the support and friendships.

         Stefany and I (31 weeks and 20 weeks) 
                Nicole and I (32 weeks and 20 weeks)