Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summertime+Family=the best time.

I am pretty sure I have a good hundred photos I could post here...but I don't think they would all fit. I really did love summer this year. I got to see my parents for a whole month,  all my sisters and brother, my nieces and nephews and Kade's great grandma Nana. It was a summer full of family and some seriously good laughs and fun times.
Sharing Snacks with Grandma

Wrinkling my nose

Pool time with Cousin Jesse

Gangster Baby

Jesse, Kade and Bryce

Playing Piano with Grandpa

Dinner time
Kade and Cousin Tiffany

Aunt Terry and Aunt Coco

Baseball Game in Walla Walla

Aunt Anna and Kade

A bit tired??

Some wine tasting

Giggling with Grandma

All of us in Walla Walla (minus JD and family and Bobbyand Paul:(



Grandchildren in Walla Walla

Yep Bryce, thats you and Anna's Horse...

Dorks, again.

Anna and Kade
Cousin Trevor and Kade

Uncle JD and Kade
Kayaking in Morro Bay

Avila Pier

Under Avila Pier

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