Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A little trip to Carmel

Paul, Kade and I decided to get away for a few days. And we decided on a little trip to Carmel, down the coast, on the 1. It was a wonderful 3 days of having no obligations and playing with Kade. Other than loosing my phone and one of Kades shoe ( which should be coming in the mail soon. Thank you hiker for returning it.) the trip was a success. Kade was an awesome sleeper and napper in the hotel and on hikes, lovely at the restaurants, (thank you lady and guy at park for all your suggestions.) Always nice to hang out with my dear boys. With the exception of Odus, who was being taken care of by my parents at home. Thanks mom and dad for keeping Odus company. Here is the trip via pictures.
Silly Dad...swing with me, please.


Breakfast in the hotel room. Mostly ended up on the mirror. Sorry housecleaning.

Our beautiful walk around Point Lobos Park. Highly recommend this park and doing the 6 mile perimeter loop. 

Stopped in to check out Earthbound Farms on the way through Carmel Valley. ( the farm  that makes all those lettuce mixes).

Hiking through Garland Regional Park. Beautiful views and nice shady paths to hike on.


A little siesta....

and more siesta-ing

Snack time.

Bye to Carmel Valley. We will come back and visit soon. We had a nice time for sure.

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