Sunday, July 24, 2011

TIme with the Grandparents

Kade is loving having his Grandma and Grandpa here. He is soaking it all up. Loving the extra love and attention. The time is sure flying by. They have already been here almost 2 weeks. So hard to believe. Our time has been spent taking walks,  going shopping, eating, cooking, going the park, checking out a summer concert in the plaza,  and just spending time together, which has been lovely. And poor Paul has been having to work...but has got to spend a few good moments with us. But that work thing sure gets in the way.

Playing in the pool, a bit chilly out in LO for some real swimming.

Went looking for rattle snakes at the Bluff trail.

And we found a few. Look closely....Yikes!

Grandpa Ned did some babysitting...and when we came back Kades little face looking like he had had some fun with food and dirt.

Kisses from Grandma

Mowing the lawn.....

Basketball time with Grandpa
Dancing with Grandma

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