Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hearst Beach and more

Paul has been home with Kade and I for a week and a half now. He is home on leave from work to "bond with child". This is what the program calls it...bonding with child..for some reason it cracks me up. But I do have to say there has been some bonding time..and those I have captured on camera, have been all worth it!! I will be sad when he returns to work. I wish all days we could spend together, but I am thankful for the time we have. Here are a few recent pictures of Kade and the family. The beach pictures were taken at Hearst Beach. We ventured to Hearst Beach on Labor Day weekend. It was a beautiful day and we took a nice stroll along the coast. Oh yes and here are a few pictures of Paul and his friend Tyler. They have been friends since 6th grade..and crazy that their sons are only 6 days apart from each other! Wowsers!! Aww.. the adventures of life.

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