Sunday, September 12, 2010

Big Sur

If there is one thing I could say right now that I hope some day Kade will deeply appreciate, it would be the great outdoors, nature and its beauty. When I am out hiking or backpacking, camping, etc. It is the one time I feel wonderful, calm and pretty happy. Many things do that for me, but being outdoors always brings me to a great place. That said, we took Kade on his first trip to Big Sur. We didn't camp this time. (too much to organize with dog and all..don't get me started on not being able to bring dogs on hikes in a state park..) Anyhow, we did a nice long day trip there. It was filled with beautiful scenery and hiking. Kade seemed to enjoy himself. I found it funny that after our hike, he fed like he had never eaten in his life. This is pretty norm for him, but this time he was a bit more hungry..He slept the whole time while hiking, but must have felt my hunger. Love him!

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