Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kade's Girlfriend Turns 2....

Tali June, Kades little girlfriend turned 2 this week. It was fun to celebrate her and her cuteness. Here are some pictures from the party. And if you have never seen this little darling girl before on my blog, its because I have failed to get a picture of her and Kade together. But they do have fun together, and yes, she really is that special and CUTE!

Windblown, or flashing the diaper. Its questionable here.

Decorating her birthday cookie.


Gazing away....I wanna say the birthday girl was a bit tuckered out on her birthday..

But loving her cookie.

Kade, doing his best to, run.

Still working on that cookie...and her cuteness.

Could it be?? Are we all looking at the camera. It's a christmas miracle!

Break in the shade.

Rodger sibbling checking out Tali's birthday goods. Happy birthday Tali.  

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